The Origin Story of the Fake News Propaganda Bell

Ringing the Bell for Freedom

The Fake News Propaganda Bell™ came about in reaction to the current state of the media. I believe we are being pounded with fake news, rumors of fake news, accusations of fake news, fake news about fake news, and fake news about actual news, when what we want (and should demand from our media sources) is unbiased, well-sourced, fact-checked news.

Censorship has increased exponentially among our social media companies, search engines, and news reporting sources. So-called “fact-checkers” are manipulating and editorializing the stories that reach our eyes and ears. Like a weather report, the news influences our behavior and how we interpret the major events that play out locally, nationally, and worldwide. Social media, the 24-7 news cycle, television and movies, advertising, politicians, celebrities and talking heads affect what we believe and how we make decisions. Powerful corporations and their players madly scramble to control the narrative without consideration for conflicts of interest with factual news, events, and commerce. Censorship affects reliable news sources along with the unreliable.

It is illegal to yell, “Fire!” in a crowded auditorium unless there is an actual fire. It's my belief that the state of factual news reporting is on fire. It is the responsibility for all people to cry, “FIRE!!!” on the state of honest journalism, because it is ablaze and wrecking the fabric of our reality.

My desire to get others to notice and take a stand against censorship and media manipulation resulted in a bright idea that kept ringing in my mind: an ALARM BELL. I recalled the behavioral experiment known as "Pavlov’s Dogs" in which Ivan Pavlov conditioned canines to respond to the sound of a bell when it was time to eat. His observations proved that dogs would react to a ringing bell regardless of a reward of food.

It occurred to me that the media and other powerful players have created similar Pavlovian triggers for humans. We The People have been reacting like dogs. This doesn't sit well with me, so I decided to seek my nourishment elsewhere, and began to earnestly look for other sources for information. The past decade, along with recent Draconian measures that have been enforced for "our good" have inspired many many more to sit up and take notice. As a result, censorship has increased, revealing that the narratives disseminated by various news sources, social media platforms, corporations, and politicians have been losing their influence and power.

The Fake News Propaganda Bell and my supporting products are designed for you, the Informed Consumer and proponent of #AmericaFirst values. My cow bell is a tool for raising the alarm against fake news and propaganda, and alerting the inciters of “fake news” and “propaganda” that they are being watched — and won't be tolerated. All products support #AmericaFirst ideals, and are Made in the USA, printed in the USA, and fulfilled in the USA.

If you have further ideas for Raising the Alarm on censorship and media manipulation, or have an idea for a product you would like to see on my site, please reach out. You may connect with me via Facebook or Twitter, or use my Contact form to leave me a message. In the meantime, check out my Shop page to support this growing movement.


Let Freedom Ring!



Louis Hedderman
Creator of Fake News Propaganda Bell, LLC